Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Blog Break

It's time for a blog break. As some of you know, I'm a practicing physical therapist. That's my vocation. While practicing physical therapy, I've also been working on a biblical exegesis degree at Wheaton College. Well, it's time to wrap up the degree this year, and I've got to kick it in high gear as I gear up for my comprehensive exams and push through my final coursework. My wife and I are also expecting the public appearance of our first child, Ariana, in about six weeks.

So, I'll be occupied with caring for our little girl, and I'll be doing much more reading and studying that I have to do, instead of what I'd like to do. The upshot: there will be less material for the blog that I'd like to post. So I'm putting it on hold for a season. I hope to be back to blogging before too long, probably posting a lot of stuff from fresh communion with my first love—theology, especially the practical, experimental, doxological variety. The only kind, in my mind, that matters much!

Till then, press on to know the Lord! And please pray that I'll do the same.

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