Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christian Political Witness

The upcoming theology conference at Wheaton College on "Christian Political Witness" will take place on Apr. 4-6.

Evangelical Christians are often superficial in their thinking about this matter, and about the relation between the church and state. It's an area where we desperately need to repent and need help from some frontline thinkers.

I'm especially eager to hear Peter Leithart's talk. 


Jon Sedlak said...

I am definitely going to this event, but I am expecting quite a bit of superficiality from the speakers when it comes to providing solutions. Talking about the challenge of "Christian political witness" is much easier than actually being a Christian political witness, and complete pacifists like George Kalantzis are committed to some really unbiblical solutions. I know he's revered at Wheaton, but when I spoke with him in person about the ethics and politics of warfare, he was all over the map on both those issues.

Jeff Wencel said...

Jon, We need to meet up for a session or two. Perhaps we can even do a meal then if you want since you'll be down my way. I don't know Kalantzis at all (different department from mine), and I've not heard or read most of the speakers. But I'm still hoping for some stimulation. Perhaps you'll share a bit of your thinking on the matter. Who do you think is "providing solutions" and "actually being a Christian political witness"? JW

Jeff Wencel said...

Jon, by mentioning we need help from "frontline thinkers," I did not intend to say each of these speakers fits that designation. I actually hardly know any of them. But I do think, nonetheless, that we need help from frontline thinkers, whoever they are! JW

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