Saturday, January 5, 2013

O Lord, You Are the Lord of Life and Death

Containing echoes of Rom. 14:7-8, here's a Lutheran prayer when facing death:
My dear God, if you want this to be the hour of death, let your will be done. Lord God, you are most precious to me. You know how gladly I would have shed my blood for the sake of your Word, but I may not deserve this honor. Your will be done. If it is your will, I shall die gladly. Only let your holy name be praised and glorified by my sufferings and death. If it were possible, dear God, I would live longer for the cause of your blessed and chosen people. But if the hour has come, then have your way. You are the Lord of life and death. Amen. 
Luther's Prayers (ed. Herbert F. Brokering; Augsberg: Minneapolis, 1994), 101.

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