Monday, June 24, 2013

Leaders Lead Worldviewishly

Al Mohler's book The Conviction to Lead is outstanding. Chapter 5 is titled "Leaders Understand Worldviews: The Leader Shapes the Worldview of Followers." Here are a few choice quotations:
The recovery of a Christian mind and the development of a comprehensive Christian worldview will require the deepest theological reflection, the most consecrated application of scholarship, the most sensitive commitment to compassion, and the courage to face all questions (46).
Further on:
We have to be faithful in the discipleship of the mind before we can expect faithfulness and maturity in those we lead (47).
And more:
Far too often leaders aim at the surface level and stop there. Real leadership doesn't happen until worldviews are changed and realigned (47).
Undoubtedly Mohler puts his finger on an essential element of leadership. And though always true, perhaps the need is as great as ever in leadership. In the post-Christian western world, with the seismic shift in epistemology that's occurred in recent decades, training disciples to think Christianly in a comprehensive way is one of the greatest discipleship needs of the day.

And so we need worldviewish leaders, not mere expositors of the Bible, not managers of people, not professionals with technical proficiency in this or that discipline. We need generalist leaders who lead with a big vision that embraces the world. Anything less is too small and will end up in fragmented thinking and living among followers.

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