Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rejoicing in God's Sovereignty and Justice

In Edwards' notebook Signs of Godliness, after citing Matt. 11:25-27, he makes the following observation:
And so it is the spirit of all the true followers of Christ. It appears to be the spirit and temper of the saints to rejoice in God's sovereignty and justice by their songs; as particularly the song of Moses at the Red Sea, the song of Deborah and the song of Hannah, and the song of the Virgin Mary. It is the spirit of the saints in heaven, as is evident by their often ascribing dominion and power to God in their songs, and praising him on the occasions of the executions of his wrath, in the Revelation.
—Jonathan Edwards, Writings on the Trinity, Grace, and Faith (vol. 21 in the Works of Jonathan Edwards; ed. Sand Hyun Lee; New Haven: Yale University, 2003), 509.

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