Monday, July 30, 2012

A Reformation-Scale Work of the Holy Spirit

With the polarization that's well underway in our country (which is not a good thing, of course, for a house divided against itself cannot stand) and the scope of the government's reach ever increasing, there are three possible scenarios looming (barring a Reformation-scale work of the Holy Spirit).

First, the state will exert more coercive power to try to get unity, and most will go along. Second, there will be wide-scale backlash against the coercive power of the state, as many don't go along. In this scenario, there will be a scaling back of the state's overreach as civil limbs get cut off. Or third, there will be a civil war, as happened, you may recall, not too long ago.

I'm not happy about any of these, though the second scenario would be better than the first or third. My hope and prayer are for reformation and revival. In other words, I'm hoping and praying for God to do it again.

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