Monday, July 16, 2012

Like a Hearty Meal for a Hungry Man

A short way back, I posted about a marriage study a group of us have been doing together this summer using Doug Wilson's book For a Glory and a Covering: A Practical Theology of Marriage. And I said that I expected to do some blogging on the book. However, I've not done any yet.

I've not done so mainly because I've just enjoyed taking the book in as one takes in a hearty meal for nourishment. What can I say? I'm finding it to be solid food for edification. And I've not found myself wanting to analyze and reflect much. I'm just eating. I'm being nourished.

But I do want to record a couple choice quotes. And perhaps I'll get into a more analytical mode later.

In the introduction Wilson recalls how "C. S. Lewis once commented that men think that love means not giving trouble to others, while women think that it means taking trouble for others" (xix). Great observation. To our shame, men.

Speaking then to how some women veer toward overachieving, Wilson recalls how "Lewis once described a woman 'who lived for others'—and you could tell who those were by their hunted expression" (xix). And of course we all know someone like this.

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