Thursday, April 11, 2013

Seeing Jesus at the Supper Poetically Put

I'm on the lookout for good poetry about seeing Jesus by faith at the Lord's Table. I want something to help with expressing this glory! Someone, somewhere must have penned a poem about experiencing Jesus at the Supper with that blessed sixth sense.

When I said this publicly, a kind friend sent me a poem by Huss and a Greek poem from the fourth century. Both are good poems and express the glory of the table and exercising faith there. I'm looking for some, however, that express as their main theme what Edwards called that "divine and supernatural light immediately imparted to the soul."

If none exists, I just might learn how to write poetry one of these days and give it my best go. For the first time in years, I believe, I once again beheld the glory of Christ and his kingdom at the Table this last Lord's Day. And oh how sweet it was to look on Jesus there! And oh how that table can cure ten thousand ills of soul!

All praise be to the risen Christ, who lives and reigns forever as the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world for serial sinners like me!

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