Friday, November 15, 2013

Our Great Prayer-Hearing God Amid Pain and Loss

Perhaps you've noticed that my posts of late have been more personal than usual. That's true, I think. Normally I don't care to talk a lot about myself or personal matters. There are way more important things than me and my little life to set the mind on.

But the Lord has brought us through tough times, and this seems worth some reflection and some public acknowledgment of what he's done.

So a brief word and update about Em's miscarriage. It seems we're finally, truly turning a corner. After a horrible, difficult month (spare you the details), Emily ended up in the ED yesterday and ended up getting a surgical procedure that we were hoping to avoid but that was successful. So we're thankful for that, thankful for good medical care.

We're also thankful for people who prayed for us so diligently. More than all the practical help offered by family and friends (and we did need quite a bit of help), we truly appreciate the faithful praying of brothers and sisters in Christ.

Through tough times, we've come to learn that being prayed for faithfully means more than anything else. We are sensible of many answered prayers. We saw God provide, we felt his nearness, we were aware of his heavenly hand upon us—all because people simply prayed for us in Jesus' name. 

God is good. He's always good. He's the great prayer-hearing God! And we're swimming in an ocean of divine mercies. Praise the Lord!

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