Friday, May 3, 2013

The "Confessions" in Community

For those who'll be reading the Confessions of Saint Augustine this spring and summer, here's the schedule we'll be following, along with some links to recommended translations:

Week of 5/12–5/18: Book I
Week of 5/19–5/25: Book II
Week of 5/26–6/1: Book III
Week of 6/2–6/8: Book IV
Week of 6/9–6/15: Book V
Week of 6/16–6/22: Book VI
Week of 6/23–6/29: Book VII
Week of 6/30–7/6: Book VIII
Week of 7/7–7/13: Book IX
Week of 7/14–7/20: Book X
Week of 7/21–7/27: Book XI
Week of 7/28–8/3: Book XII
Week of 8/4–8/10: Book XIII

You might want to purchase either the Penguin Classics or the Oxford World's Classics translation if you don't already have a copy. I have read both, and they both read well. For what it's worth, Em and I will be reading the Penguin translation this time around. 

Tolle lege!

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